BNB rate explosion of 670%

BNB rate explosion of 670% – Binance and the DeFi lie

Tokens from the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) ecosystem are out of bounds. On the BSC, BNB is the equivalent of ETH on the Ethereum blockchain. It is therefore hardly surprising that the BNB price has exploded. Many are already saying of Crypto Wealth that BSC is proof that Ethereum has failed. Rightly so?

In this article, we take a closer look at what is behind the current hype and whether BSC could really pose a threat to Ethereum.

BNB price rises by 670

The weekly chart reveals what explosive momentum the BNB price has developed in recent weeks. In just 3 weeks, the price of Binance’s native cryptocurrency has shot up from around $44 to as high as $344. This corresponds to a crazy price increase of 670% and places BNB directly behind Ethereum (ETH) in third place among the leading cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalisation.

Currently, the BNB price is trading at $294 and many believe that this is not the end of the road.

One of the main factors contributing to BNB’s appreciation is the growing number of other projects based on the Binance Chain and especially BSC. First and foremost is PancakeSwap, a Uniswap clone in the Binance ecosystem. But this project is not an isolated case, as the following table shows.

Projects on the Binance Smart Chain

The high transaction fees on the Ethereum exchange have driven yield-hungry investors straight into the realm of CZ, where transactions cost a fraction of what current gas fees on Ethereum demand from users.

Don’t fight the inevitable, embrace it.#BTC #BNB

– CZ 🔶 Binance (@cz_binance) February 20, 2021

Is flippening between Binance and Ethereum looming next?

Users are flocking to BSC in droves to chase the sometimes triple-digit returns and benefit from the relatively very low transaction fees. More and more often you hear, „Binance is in, Ethereum is out!“

The displeasure of many smaller investors with the astronomically high transaction fees on Ethereum is too great, pushing them to the sidelines of the action and demoting them to observers of it all. Understandably, this causes anger and makes people doubt Ethereum. The BSC is a very tempting alternative. It is currently trendy, fast and cheap and can therefore score points against the grandfatherly Ethereum with its slow and no longer timely transaction fees.

CZ, as an intelligent businessman, is taking advantage of Ethereum’s scaling problem and the hype around DeFi to tailor a suitable narrative for his own product: BSC as the driver of DeFi.

La capitalización del mercado criptográfico se encuentra a tiro de piedra de $ 1 billón

El 3 de enero de 2021, el mercado de cifrado alcanzó una nueva valoración máxima histórica.

Con $ 910 mil millones, la clase de activos de moneda digital se acercó al punto de referencia de $ 1 billón.

El dominio de Bitcoin también ha subido a un máximo de tres años, situándose en el 68%

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El 3 de enero de 2021, la capitalización de mercado acumulativa de todas las criptomonedas se disparó a la friolera de $ 913 mil millones, un nuevo récord histórico.

Por primera vez en casi tres años, la clase de activos criptográficos se acercó a una valoración de 1 billón de dólares o más. El récord anterior para la valoración total del mercado de criptomonedas se logró a principios de 2018.

Superando aproximadamente $ 830 mil millones en ese entonces, la clase de activos no tuvo la oportunidad de cruzar el índice de referencia antes de sufrir una corrección masiva entre 2018 y 2020. Sin embargo, un fuerte resurgimiento reciente ha allanado el camino para que el mercado de criptomonedas finalmente se dé cuenta de una valoración de $ 1 billón.

Bitcoin ahora es el noveno activo negociado más valioso del mundo

Según AssetDash, un sitio web que clasifica los activos negociables del mundo por capitalización de mercado, Bitcoin Trader es actualmente el noveno activo más valioso del mundo.

La criptomoneda entró recientemente en el top 10, superando a Berkshire Hathaway y Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSMC) hace solo unos días. Con alrededor de $ 600 mil millones, Bitcoin está ahora a tiro de piedra de superar incluso a Tesla y Alibaba.

En particular, Berkshire Hathaway está dirigido por Warren Buffett, un famoso inversor que descartó Bitcoin y el mercado de las criptomonedas en varias ocasiones. En un caso, tan recientemente como en 2018, el magnate empresarial estadounidense llegó a llamar al activo digital ‚ veneno para ratas al cuadrado ‚.

¿Los principales activos criptográficos empujan con una sola mano la capitalización total del mercado?

SkyBridge Capital: betting on Bitcoin as a better option than Gold

SkyBridge Capital has presented to its clients its perspectives on Bitcoin, and has also said that it is better than gold. Why?

This last quarter of 2020 has been an unprecedented journey for Bitcoin. What is impressive is the increase in demand that there is, in contrast to the supply that has decreased after Halving. In that sense, SkyBridge Capital has explained why it bet on Bitcoin with the creation of the SkyBridge Bitcoin Fund and why they consider it better than gold.

What did SkyBridge Capital say about Bitcoin’s growth?

In a presentation, the company explained the motivations for the creation of the SkyBridge Bitcoin Fund. SkyBridge Capital as many will know is a hedge fund management firm, and so it is interesting to see how they have decided to bet on BTC in 2020.

During the presentation they highlighted that a growing adoption of Bitcoin by institutions and individuals is increasing rapidly. Even much faster than the offer. Thanks to this, they said that Bitcoin is like „digital gold“ but with some advantages.

First, SkyBridge Capital said that BTC is an emerging asset class whose risk has decreased in recent years. They therefore believe that this results in „value creation through network effect“. Similarly, SkyBridge highlighted that this year was characterised by regulatory developments and on the Bitcoin infrastructure itself.

Which institutional players have decided to bet on BTC?

According to SkyBridge Capital, and what we at CriptoTendencia have been able to highlight throughout the year, it seems that more and more institutions are betting on BTC. In its presentation, the firm said that JPMorgan, BlackRock, Citi Bank, Deutsche Bank, among others, have highlighted Bitcoin’s potential as a safe haven asset or as a means of diversifying investment portfolios.

What is even more surprising is that SkyBridge said it has invested US$182 million in Bitcoin on behalf of its clients. „Bitcoin is digital gold, and as such is better gold than gold,“ the company said.

The company summarised Bitcoin’s advantages over gold, considering the attributes of both assets, such as transferability, divisibility and fungibility, among others.

Bitcoin also shoots up on Twitter

The context also influences, at least in macroeconomic terms

The firm also stressed that fiscal and monetary policies in response to the global economic crisis generated by COVID-19 have „supported“ Bitcoin. This is because that fiscal policy generally consisted of massive printing of money by central banks around the world.

For example, the US Federal Reserve has flooded the markets with dollars. Thus 35% of all dollars in existence have been printed since last March. Additionally, the federal government’s deficit is approximately 25% of GDP, the largest since World War II.

The massive printing of fiat money, says SkyBridge, favours the rise in prices of limited supply assets such as art, real estate, gold and Bitcoin.

SkyBridge’s views on Bitcoin pricing

In the fourth quarter of 2020, institutional demand alone nearly tripled the BTCs that were undermined. Consequently, this gap between the BTCs sold by miners and those demanded by institutions has led to the price increase we have been witnessing.

For example, Grayscale bought over US$1 billion in Bitcoin in November. In the four weeks following the start of the BTC sale, PayPal acquired US$600 million in Bitcoin. These are big numbers, and that’s exactly what SkyBridge Capital highlights when giving its perspectives on Bitcoin.

As a result of this acceleration in institutional investment and scarcity of supply, SkyBridge predicts that the trend will intensify further. In addition, they expect that the sectors that are still undecided will start to invest as well. Pension funds, insurance companies, among others, are some of the sectors that may grow their BTC holdings according to the firm.

Elon Musk neckt Crypto Asset für Mars, Pumps Dogecoin im Urlaub Tweetstorm

Elon Musk, CEO von Tesla, spielt mit der Möglichkeit, Krypto-Assets für eine zukünftige Wirtschaft auf dem Mars einzusetzen.

Als Reaktion auf eine Diskussion begonnen , durch künstliche Intelligenz – Forscher Lex Fridman, der Leiter der elektrischen Fahrzeug Unternehmen bietet eine einfache Antwort auf die Frage , ob der Mars – Wirtschaft auf Krypto laufen wird.


Zu Musks neuestem Krypto-Tweetstorm gehört auch ein Feiertagsgruß mit einem begleitenden Bild einer Frau, die eine Dogecoin-Shorts (DOGE) trägt

Letzte Woche schickte Musk die Krypto – Asset wogenden 20% nach der Hund-Themen Kryptowährung in einem Tweet zu preisen.

„Ein Wort: Doge.“

Bereits im Juli teilte Musk einen Tweet mit , der darauf hinwies, dass Bitcoin Trader die Weltwirtschaft übernehmen und eine Reservewährung werden könnte.

„Es ist unvermeidlich.“

Nach dem Tweet stieg Dogecoin um fast 20%

Musk erregte kürzlich auch die Aufmerksamkeit von Michael Saylor, CEO von MicroStrategy, nachdem er ein provokantes Meme über die Stärke veröffentlicht hatte, die erforderlich ist, um produktiv zu bleiben und die führende Kryptowährung zu ignorieren.

Der Geschäftsführer des Business Intelligence-Unternehmens nutzte die Gelegenheit, um BTC dem Technologiepionier vorzustellen.

„Wenn Sie Ihren Aktionären einen Gefallen von 100 Milliarden US-Dollar tun möchten, konvertieren Sie die TSLA-Bilanz von USD in BTC. Andere Firmen im S & P 500 würden Ihrem Beispiel folgen und mit der Zeit zu einer Gunst von 1 Billion US-Dollar werden. “

Paris: Court sentenced Alexander Vinnik to five years in prison

Years after his arrest, Vinnik has now been sentenced.

After years of debate about the extradition, Bitcoin ( BTC ) launderer Alexander Vinnik has now been convicted by a French court

According to a report in the Novaya Gazeta on Monday Vinnik was and because of „money laundering as part of an organized criminal group and providing false information about the source of income“ to five years in prison in addition to a fine of 100,000 euros sentenced .

According to the BBC, the court has partially dropped charges on Locky ransomware . At the time of going to press it was unclear whether Vinnik’s conviction was related to his alleged leadership at the former crypto exchange BTC-e.

Vinnik previously denied his stake in BTC-e, claiming he was just an employee. He said his monthly salary at BTC-e was $ 10,000

As previously reported , Vinnik is the alleged mastermind of an international money laundering system in which over $ 4 billion was processed via Ethereum Code.

Vinnik, known as „Mr. Bitcoin“, was first arrested in Greece in July 2017 for allegedly involved in the operation of BTC-e. Since the arrest, several countries have requested extradition of Vinnik. Including the United States and Russia, of which he is a citizen . Vinnik was extradited to France in 2018 for fraud and money laundering .

In June, New Zealand police collected $ 90 million in connection with the Vinnik case .

Daily Market News: Bitcoinin ennätyskorkea, jota seuraa jyrkkä myynti

Maailman suurin kryptoasetus Bitcoin ilmoitti eilen saavuttaneensa kaikkien aikojen ennätyksen, 19 510 dollaria, ja ylitti Financial Timesin (FT) mukaan joulukuussa 2017 asetetun edellisen korkeimman $ 19 458: n. Salausasetus on noussut 75% viimeisten kolmen kuukauden aikana. Maaliskuun alimmasta tasosta se on tuottanut huikeat 400%.

Jotkut tietojen tarjoajat kiistivät ennätyksellisen korkean tason. Johtava salauspiste CoinDesk, toisin kuin FT, ei halua kutsua korkeaa. Tämä johtuu kryptoasetin hajautetusta luonteesta, koska hinnat ja arvostukset vaihtelevat käytettyjen tietojen ja analyysien mukaan. Tämä johtaa hintaeroihin myyntipisteiden välillä ja vaihteluun nykyisen hinnan tarkan sijainnin päättämisessä.

Tällä hetkellä kaupankäynnin arvo on noin 10%, ja bitcoinilla on jo jonkin aikaa ensimmäinen todellinen myyntipainetestinsa, joka testaa 20 päivän liukuvan keskiarvon. Voitonotto oli aina väistämätön jossain vaiheessa, sijoittajat yrittävät nyt ymmärtää, onko kyseessä käänteinen vauhti vai pelkkä tauko ennen uutta $ 20,000: n laukausta.

Yhdysvaltain markkinat laskivat aiemmin tällä viikolla asetetuista ennätyskorkeuksista, ja sekä Dow että S&P 500 laskivat vain vähän. Yhdysvaltain markkinat avautuvat perjantaina normaalia lyhyempää kauppaa varten.

Salesforce Slackin haltuunottokeskusteluissa

Yritysohjelmistoyritys Salesforce neuvottelee suosittavan työpaikalla toimivan viestintäyrityksen Slackin ostamisesta.Sopimus on tiettävästi mahdollista muutamassa päivässä. Slack on suosittu vaihtoehto työpaikkasähköposteille, ja se näkee Salesforcen siirtyvän liike-ohjelmiston tekniseltä puolelta yleisemmälle viestinnälle. Slackin osakekurssi nousi melkein 38% julkistamisneuvottelujen uutisten mukaan, kun taas Salesforcen osakekurssi laski -5,4%.

Samaan aikaan Yhdysvaltojen markkinat kohtasivat keskiviikkona välinpitämättömän suorituskykypäivän, kun monet lähtivät Yhdysvaltain kalenterin suurimmalle lomalle, kiitospäivälle. S&P 500 oli -0,2% alhaisempi Gapin laskiessa -19,6% odotettua heikompien tuloksien ansiosta. Tätä seurasi Technip, lasku -6,3% ja edellä mainittu Salesforce -5,4%. Sitä vastoin S&P: n keskiviikkona parhaiten suoriutuneet olivat Etsy, 5,4%, Autodesk popping 4,7% ja PayPal 4,1%.

Dow Jonesin teollisuuskeskiarvo sulki myös matalamman -0,6%, johtuen elokuussa indeksiin lisätystä Salesforcesta ja -3,6% alentuneesta Chevronista. Päivän vaatimattomia nousijoita johti Walgreens Boots Alliance 1,4% ja Apple 0,8%.

  • S&P 500: -0,2% keskiviikko, + 12,4% vuotta aiemmin
  • Dow Jonesin teollisuuskeskiarvo: -0,6% keskiviikkona, + 4,7% vuotta aiemmin
  • Nasdaq Composite: + 0,5% keskiviikkona, + 34,8% vuotta aiemmin

FTSE reagoi kielteisesti Sunakin taloudelliseen päivitykseen

Ison-Britannian markkinat reagoivat kielteisesti liittokansleri Rishi Sunakin menotarkistukseen päivitykseen tulevien vuosien huonojen taloustietojen takia. Budjettivastuun toimisto (OBR) ennustaa nyt, että Ison-Britannian talous supistuu 11,3% koronaviruksen takia – pahin lasku yli 300 vuodessa. Ison-Britannian BKT palaa ennalta Covid-tasolle vasta vuoden 2022 4. vuosineljänneksellä, OBR: n mukaan talous kasvaa ensi vuonna 5,5%, vuonna 2022 6,6% ja seuraavina vuosina 2,3%, 1,7% ja 1,8%.

Uutisten takana FTSE 100 laski 0,6%. FTSE 250 laski enemmän, 1,1%, mutta suurin osa tästä pudotuksesta leivottiin varhaisessa vaiheessa, kun sijoittajat muuttivat sijaintia äskettäisen rallin jälkeen.

FTSE 100 -mallia alhaisempi oli IT-yritys Aveva Group, joka laski silmiinpistävää 20% päivänä, mikä oli epätavallista indeksin yhden päivän hinnalla. Osakkeet upposivat ilmoitettuaan merkittävästä osakeannista, jonka mukaan yritys myy 2,8 miljardin punnan arvosta auttaakseen rahoittamaan Yhdysvaltain ohjelmistoryhmän OSIsoftin 3,8 miljardin punnan ostotarjouksen. Plus-puolella päivän suurin nousija oli Unilever, jopa 5%, joka ilmoitti lisäravinteiden SmartyPants Vitamins haltuunotosta. Sillä välin FTSE 250: ssä Genus ylsi rankingissa, nousi 6%, kun taas suurin pudottaja oli mediayhtiö Future PLC, laskua 17% sen jälkeen, kun se oli sopinut GoComparen omistajan GoCo Groupin haltuunotosta.

  • FTSE 100: -0,6% keskiviikko, -15,2% YTD
  • FTSE 250: -1,1% keskiviikkona, -10,6% vuotta aiemmin

Mitä katsella

Yhdysvaltain markkinat: Yhdysvaltojen osakemarkkinat ovat suljettuina torstaina kiitospäivän vuoksi ja suljetaan varhain (klo 13.00 ET) perjantaina, joten tänään ei ole yrityksiä, jotka raportoivat Yhdysvalloista ja joiden toiminta perjantaina on rajoitettua.

Reach plc: Ison-Britannian punaisen median yritys Reach plc raportoi välituloksensa perjantaina. Yhtiöön kuuluu monipuolinen sarja painettuja ja online-median nimikkeitä, kuten Daily Mirror ja Daily Express, sekä joukko muita alueellisia nimikkeitä. Yrityksen osakekurssi on käynyt viime päivinä lähellä vuoden 2020 korkeinta hintaa, mutta sijoittajien tulisi keskittyä velkatasoonsa markkinoiden päivityksen yhteydessä. Yrityksellä on kohtuullisen vahva kassataso, mutta tämä on kääpiö sen velkakassalla, jonka viimeisen raportoinnin summa oli 614,8 miljoonaa puntaa. Ryhmän vakaa mediatiedostojen asema on hyvässä asemassa kaapattaakseen enemmän online-markkinaosuuksia, mutta sen kykyä saavuttaa voittoja vaikeuttavat muun muassa eläkevastuut ja kahden painetun sivuston hiljattain suljetut näkökohdat.

OECD: n digitaalitalouden näkymät 2020: OECD on tunnettu vaikutusvaltaisista taloudellisista raporteistaan ja näkymistä, eikä digitaalitalouden näkymät vuodelle 2020 ole poikkeus. Organisaatio julkaisee viimeisimmän raporttinsa perjantaina. Näkymissä tarkastellaan digitaalitalouden suuntauksia ja analysoidaan alan mahdollisuuksia ja haasteita. Sijoittajille se tarjoaa hyödyllistä tietoa siitä, missä digitaalisia muutoksia tapahtuu ja mitä suuntauksia on noudatettava tulevaisuudessa. Raportissa tarkastellaan myös politiikan muutosta hallituksilta ympäri maailmaa ja asetetaan taustaa sääntelymaisemille, joissa yritysten on toimittava.

Een vlaag van Double Top Snubs Hints Bitcoin zal 21.000 dollar opleveren.

Bitcoin heeft meer brandstof om zijn bullish rally voort te zetten.

Onafhankelijk analytisch bedrijf TradingShot schreef dat BTC/USD in de komende sessies in een notitie maandag $21.000 zou kunnen raken. Haar upside bias nam aanwijzingen aan van een samenloop van grafieksignalen die Bitcoin aantoonbaar hielpen bij het rallyen, bijna tweevoudig in het vierde kwartaal. Dezelfde signalen voorzien de cryptocurrency op $21.000.

De opstelling

De bullish setup bestaat uit een verbredende Rising Wedge, een cyclische Relative Strength Indicator, en een vlaag van superdraaglijke Double Top patronen die niet werken zoals bedoeld. Zoals de bovenstaande grafiek laat zien, vormt Bitcoin de Double Top, in afwachting van een uitbraak daarboven, met een doelwit dat rond de bovenste Wedge trendlijn zit.

Bitcoin „Bullish Megaphone“ setup, zoals gepresenteerd door TradingShot.

Ondertussen vertoont de RSI ook tekenen van groei. Wat verder werkt als een bullish katalysator is een ondersteunende golf bij het 4H 200 voortschrijdend gemiddelde (de oranje golf in de bovenstaande grafiek).

„Dus waarom $21.000 in het bijzonder,“ legde TradingShot uit. „Dit is te wijten aan een onderliggende Fibonacci-sequentie binnen de Megafoon. Zoals je elke keer ziet als BTC de Top van de Megafoon aanraakt, is het ruwweg op de 1.000 Fibonacci extensie van de vorige High. En die Fibonacci extensie is nu ongeveer $21.000.“

Bitcoin Fundamentele Sterke

De vooruitzichten dat Bitcoin weer een nieuw hoogtepunt bereikt, worden ook hoger door een ondersteunende macro-economische omgeving. De cryptocrisis heeft te maken met een hernieuwde koopinteresse van zowel particuliere als institutionele beleggers, voornamelijk degenen die op zoek zijn naar alternatieven voor een bearish US-dollar en soortgelijke op fiat gebaseerde markten.

In mei wees miljardairbelegger Paul Tudor Jones 1-3 procent van zijn portefeuille van $22 miljard toe aan Bitcoin Futures. Twee maanden later kocht MicroStrategy, een softwarebedrijf dat op de Nasdaq-lijst staat, 250 miljoen dollar aan BTC om zijn kasreserves te vervangen. Het bedrijf investeerde nog eens $175 miljoen in Bitcoin in oktober 2020.

Dezelfde maand zag Square, een wereldwijd opererend betalingsbedrijf, ongeveer $50 miljoen aan BTC in de schatkist zitten. Ondertussen integreerde Square’s beste rivaal PayPal de Bitcoin-diensten in haar vlaggenschipplatform en bracht zo de cryptokaart voor haar honderden miljoenen gebruikers.

Travis Kling, de oprichter van Ikigai Asset Management, noemde de groeiende Bitcoin-institutionalisering een „Traditionele aanval“, en voegde eraan toe dat de cryptokaart „net begonnen is“ met kleverige geldbeleggingen.

De adoptie van Bitcoin is een bloeiperiode onder de reguliere bedrijven.

De Winklevoss Twins, die in de Verenigde Staten een cryptocurrencyency exchange runnen met de naam Gemini, merkten ook op dat de werkelijke waarde van Bitcoin ongeveer 25 keer hoger is dan wat het nu is.

„Onze stelling is dat Bitcoin goud 2.0 is en dat het goud zal verstoren,“ zei Tyler Winklevoss. „Als het dat doet, moet het een marktpet van $9 biljoen hebben. Dus we denken dat bitcoin op een dag een prijs van $500.000 per bitcoin zou kunnen hebben. Dus bij $18.000 bitcoin is het een greep of als je geen kans hebt om het te kopen omdat we denken dat er een 25x vanaf hier is.“


Three reasons why Ether could exceed $500 by the end of the year

Following Bitcoin’s bullish movement, Ether’s price has reached $460: traders now expect a positive trend towards $500 and above.

On November 6, the price of Ether (ETH) reached $460 on Binance while Bitcoin (BTC) fell back to the $15,500 level after being rejected at around $15,900. Based on Ether’s strong momentum, traders expect further positive movement in the short term.

There are three potential reasons why Ether could chart a big uptrend in the coming weeks: a favourable technical structure over extended ranges, positive on-chain parameters and the launch of Ethereum 2.0.

ETH is bullish on longer intervals

In September, a pseudonym trader and analyst known as „Crypto Capo“ shared Ether’s weekly chart outlining two possible scenarios.

The bearish scenario involves a rejection from the $360 support level followed by a sharp drop. The bullish scenario shows confirmation of $360 as support and potential growth to $800.

Referring to the $360 support level, the trader commented:

„If this level holds up, we should see $815 in the coming months. Invalidation on the chart.“

In the two months following this forecast, Ether managed to defend macro support at around $360. He is currently testing the area near $460, which proved to be a strong resistance during 2020.

When a significant level of resistance is exceeded, a rapid rise can occur, which is why traders are speculating on Ether’s price significantly more than in recent weeks.

In addition, Skew data shows that the daily volume of futures on Corona Millionaire has increased considerably since the end of October. This indicates that traders have identified $460 as an important level for ETHs to defend or exceed, depending on the position.

Ethereum has fewer addresses in profit

According to data provided by IntoTheBlock, 75% of Ethereum addresses are currently in profit. In comparison, 98% of Bitcoin addresses are in profit.

In general, investors are more inclined to sell when they have large unrealised profits, leaving positions open with heavy losses. As a result, significantly fewer addresses in profit for Ether than Bitcoin is a positive parameter that supports the assumption of further continuation.

ETH 2.0 is another bullish factor

The launch of ETH 2.0 is currently scheduled for 1 December, and some analysts predict that it could cause a shortage of supply.

In the ETH 2.0 system, users can staking 32 ETHs and, in return, receive a 15% incentive on their funds. This process involves transferring ETHs to ETH 2.0 smart contract addresses. During the specified period, users cannot use or transfer their ETHs unless they decide to stop staking.

If the popularity of staking increases, as it can generate a stable return with relatively low risk, it could cause a rapid decline in the supply of ETHs in circulation, especially on exchanges.

Fewer ETHs would be sold, as users try to accumulate more and more ETHs for staking. This could lead to increased demand for the main altcoin, resulting in Ether prices above the $460 level.

Silk Road Bitcoin: This company wants to help the US government sell $ 1 billion in Bitcoin

On-chain analytics and security firm Chainalysis has announced the launch of its „Asset Recovery Program,“ designed to help government agencies and bankruptcy practitioners handle, store, recover and monitor seized assets.

The program was launched just days after the seizure of over $ 1 billion worth of Bitcoin by US authorities – belonging to the now-defunct Silk Road marketplace – in one of the largest seizures of cryptocurrencies to date.

US Government Bitcoin Sale

The authorities did not get hold of Bitcoin on Silk Road by chance. Chainalysis‘ tools and investigative support services have been heavily involved in helping judicial authorities identify and investigate the crypto wallets used by the owners of the marketplace – funds that have been or should be used to help sell narcotics on the dark web – Silk Road marketplace to facilitate.

However, owning such a large amount of Bitcoin is a problem. The only two options available are to either store the money or eventually sell it in the open market. This is where the new Chainalysis program comes in. , The company in a message:

„As law enforcement becomes more sophisticated in investigating illegal activities related to cryptocurrencies, including the confiscation of illegal proceeds, the need for digital asset realization services grows“

Chainalysis Chief Revenue Officer Jason Bonds said in a statement that the maturation of the cryptocurrency market means its use by good and bad actors is increasing in similar fashion.

But the company can help, as he writes:

„As our government partners become increasingly successful in eradicating the bad actors, helping them recover and realize assets is a natural next step.“

In short, the US government could soon sell the bitcoins it owns … facilitated by Chainalysis.

Good for crypto … maybe not

Asset Reality, which manages and exploits seized assets for public and private sector clients around the world, will work with Chainalysis to determine how to sell the seized funds.

The team consists of legal and law enforcement practitioners who provide strategic advisory services and training to law enforcement agencies around the world on cryptocurrency and other complex assets.

This step is not the first for Chainalysis. Earlier this year, the company’s services were similarly used in high-profile law enforcement operations involving similar civil forfeiture actions against cryptocurrencies – such as terrorist financing and North Korean hacking cases.

But that begs another question: is a company that tracks crypto addresses working against the very ethos of crypto (privacy) – or not?

Controversial opinion: the DOJ should not sell seized Bitcoins, it should begin stockpiling a national reserve of BTC to back the USD after the fiat era ends

LiFi instead of DeFi – a revolution for the Bitcoin Lightning Network?

Lightning Labs wants to revolutionize the Bitcoin Lightning Network. Users should receive returns for BTC through Lightning Finacne (LiFi) – but how?

Some believe that the Bitcoin Lightning Network is key to the scaling problem of the world’s largest cryptocurrency

Many different companies are working to finally make the Lightning Network accessible to the masses.

Nevertheless, no real breakthrough has been achieved so far and many see the Bitcoin Lightning network as a failure. Even so, according to DeFi , the network reached Pulsenew highs. A new update should fundamentally revolutionize the Lightning Network.

Lightning Labs announced on November 2ndthat they will publish a peer-to-peer marketplace without custodial for the Bitcoin Lightning network . This new service will enable users of the Lightning Network to make their Bitcoin available for payment channels in order to generate returns.

Various companies and service providers can then fall back on this liquidity if necessary in order to process payments on the Lightning network.

Has Bitcoin Lightning Network’s Biggest Problem Solved?

Efficient capital allocation is one of the most common criticisms of using the Lightning network. Existing Lightning channel operators often have no information about who can and wants to use their channel. This makes it difficult to allocate liquidity where it is needed. Conversely, users of the Bitcoin scaling solution had no way of signaling that they needed liquidity.

According to the press release from Lightning Labs, the new “Lightning Pool” will bring both sides together in a single market. This means that both parties should be able to interact in a market at the same time without losing control of their coins.

Companies or users can thus manage multiple channels and buy liquidity in the marketplace if they need to replenish their channel reserves for forwarding transactions.

On the other side of this transaction, Lightning Network users can use their unused Bitcoin by making them available as liquidity in the pool. In this way, they lend their Bitcoin to other users and receive a reward in return.

LiFi an alternative to decentralized finance

Lightning Labs is marketing the new service as an alternative to Decentralized Finance (DeFi) products. With Lightning Finance (LiFi) it should be possible to generate returns with your Bitcoin holdings without first having to tokenize BTC in WBTC, as with DeFi BTC . Said about this the developers of the Lightning Network:

The pool is still in the early stages of development and is not like DeFi. We don’t want them to deposit a million US dollars from day one as there are still some risks.